Horseshoe Cross #2


This is a rather easy project.  As with most of the projects in our Crafts section, how you choose to apply a finish coat to this cross to make it distinctively yours.  In the video below, the artist opts for a spot heat generated look.  If you follow his general technique, but move the torch smoothly and evenly over the polished surface of the cross you will achieve what is referred to as a Tortoise Shell finish.  With some experimentation you can find the heat pattern you like best.  A benefit to making a heat pattern is that if you are dissatisfied with the result you can simply use the flap wheel and polish the pattern away to try it again.

When you have the finish you want, it is best to use several coats of Rustoleum clear spray or similar rust proof paint to protect it.

To make this project you will need:


  • Welder
  • Vise
  • Steel layout/welding table
  • 4½” grinder with wire brush and flap wheel


  • The kit for Horseshoe Cross design #2 contains 5 horseshoes size #0

Our kit contains all of the shoes for this project.  If you plan to make a number of Crosses, and in various sizes visit our Horseshoe page to purchase the shoes by the box and get bulk pricing.

Project Video