To make this wall decoration Wreath  you will need the following items:


  • Welder – MIG, Arc, Gas, TIG
  • Hand held 4½” angle grinder
    • 4½” Cut Off wheel
    • 4½” Flap Wheel or wire wheel
  • Clamps
  • Rustoleum or similar rust proof spray paint/clear coat


Always wear protective gear.  Welding helmet, protective glasses, ear protection, etc.

  • 5 Horseshoes – size 00 to make a small wreath
  • 5 Horseshoes – size 1 to make a large wreath

To buy the horseshoes needed to make a Wreath, or to make them in various sizes visit the Supply page to purchase the shoes.  You can buy them in quantity to get lower pricing.


  1. Use a wire wheel on the angle grinder or a wire brush to clean the shoes in preparation for welding.
  2. Place the horseshoes upside down on a flat welding table.
  3. Over lap the horseshoes as shown in the photo, and weld them together.
  4. Weld the overlapping heels first, then weld at each overlapping branch where the nail hole are.  Only welding the heels will allow the wreath to move out of position.
  5. Welding on the back side of the horseshoes will keep the front free of weld spatter and make clean up much easier.
  6. Clean all of the weld spatter with a small chisel and wire brush.  Thoroughly clean all forging scale from the wreath with a wire brush or wire wheel.  Scale will interfere with your paint or clear coat spray.
  7. Finish with a rust resistant paint, clear coat or patina coating.